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A Young Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and
Community Volunteer

Michael's journey as an artist, entrepreneur and volunteer began at a young age. His diverse interests have led him to excel in various endeavors while always keeping his community in mind.


Michael's dedication to inclusivity goes beyond entrepreneurial endeavors. Through his musical videos and book proceeds, he aims to support organizations and programs that promote a more equitable society.

Early Entrepreneurial Spirit:


From the age of five, Michael's entrepreneurial spark was evident when he and his friends set up lemonade stands. He honed his business skills, and at the age of eleven, he won the Most Original Product Award at the AZ Youth Business Fair. This achievement led to his first significant sale - selling two pounds of candied orange peels to a local frozen yogurt chain as toppings.

Diving into Real Estate:


Working alongside his father in property maintenance, Michael's interest in real estate began to grow. He started with basic yard work and gradually learned more advanced skills, such as installing windows and changing electrical outlets. When his mother faced challenges in bringing a rental unit online, Michael and his friend stepped in, finishing the unit and starting a rental arbitrage business.


Rental Arbitrage and Community Impact:


Michael and his friend expanded their rental arbitrage business, converting unused spaces and excess space into small studios. This entrepreneurial venture grew to three units which created significant managerial efforts.

Giving back through Books and Music:


Michael's commitment to his community led him to publish educational books during the 2020 lockdown, supporting children's education while they were stuck at home. Beyond writing, his musical interests also flourished as he participated in various competitions and performances, joining the high school choir and a cappella group, and even organizing the group’s trip to the International Competition for High School A Cappella.

Music for a Cause:


Combining his passion for music with his desire to give, Michael and friends started creating musical cameos to raise proceeds for Habitat for Humanity, an organization dedicated to providing housing for disadvantaged families.


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